About Us

We are a team of technical support specialists and software developers who have come together to server as a bridge between people who are unfamiliar with the internet, software and how to go about getting started building and maintaining their websites.

With tens of thousands of domains being registered each day, more people are running their own website, either for personal reasons or business. Most of these people will not b uild their own site or themes, but rather choose to install scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, VBulletin and making use some of the standard control panels. The problem is that many of these same users will have issues installing and maintaining their websites. It's difficult for a lot of people to figure out how to upload themes, plugins, make configuration changes.

The most common method these same people will use to get support is through their hosting provider, who in most cases will not assist them, as it's outside their scope of support. We here at ScriptInstallPro.com not only install software, but you can return to us for all your support needs.

Need a consultation? We can help.