Software Installation

Our team has a vast deal of experience with installing various software applications onto Linux based servers. If there is a piece of software that you need installed on your VPS/Server/Cloud Instance, as long as you have full root access, we can install it for you.

Software Applications

cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin and VestaCP are three of our most popular control panel installations. Each of these control panels, manages your server from start to finish. Easily add new domains, email accounts, databases, ftp accounts and more.

Apache and Nginx are the major web servers used by companies of all sizes. We can setup these web servers, along with loading PHP/other modules, and assisting with VHost configuration. Other web servers such as LiteSpeed have been installed by our team as well, but are less popular.

MySQL and MariaDB are highly popular and our staff are well versed in their installation, configuration and tuning. If you have a modern website, you are using a database of some kind, and we are happy to assist with any database related installation/problem.

PHP and Python are two of the most popular scripting languages in the world. Whether you are a developer, or simply need the software installed to use some of your scripts, we can help you regardless of the complexity of your issues.

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